The Chicago Bears are rumored to be looking at these new head coaches

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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It seems as though the Chicago Bears brass is listening to fans and analysts alike. It also seems as though they are fed up with this team underperforming just as much as the rest of us — shocking I know. However, based on one recent rumor, it appears that Matt Nagy’s time as head coach of the Bears has come to an end. At least that is what one NFL insider believes.

Benjamin Allbright, Broncos insider for KOA Colorado, was recently on a local sports podcast “Sports Talk Chicago” hosted by Jon Zaghloul. In this episode, Zaghloul and Allbright discuss many things Bears related, but one specific topic was the fate and future of head coach Matt Nagy. Allbright not only gives his opinion on the matter but speaks to the fact that he has insider knowledge of what is going on at Halas Hall.

The Chicago Bears are rumored to be interested in four or five coaches right now

That’s right, Allbright not only divulges that he believes Matt Nagy is all but gone, but he also discusses how the team has already started looking into potential replacements — doing their homework so-to-speak. The top candidate without doing a single interview is currently Brian Daboll, however, he also mentions one other candidate he believes will at least be given an interview. How will Brian Daboll fit and who is this other mystery coaching candidate?