The Chicago Bears are rumored to be looking at these new head coaches

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Chicago Bears, Brian Daboll
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The Chicago Bears have Brian Daboll atop their coaching list

Having Brian Daboll atop the list should give many fans just what they wanted as the team heads into 2022. Now, with nine games left, maybe Matt Nagy finds a way to spark something in this team and they win enough games that he keeps the job. This seems nearly impossible at the moment.

The question I have is, who is looking at potential replacements? Is it just Ted Phillips and George McCaskey, or does this mean that Ryan Pace is safe too? Typically a team will find a general manager before looking at replacement coaches, but we know how backward the Bears front office can be at times. More on this thought later.

Brian Daboll is one of my top candidates to replace Matt Nagy. In fact, he is my very top candidate and I might be disappointed with any coach that is not him, even if they too are in my top five. What I love about Daboll is the fact he does not come from one coaching tree. Too many times we believe the offensive coordinator who has really only been with one coach (AKA: Matt Nagy) will turn out to be as successful as that coach. This happens with Andy Reid, Bill Belichick and others.

Bill Daboll is not that coach. He has worked with Bill Belichick and the Patriots (twice), he has worked as the offensive coordinator of the Browns — although they were not very good at the time. This was with Eric Mangini, who technically was connected to Bill Belichick at one point. He worked under Tony Sporano for a season in Miami. He worked under Romeo Crennel for a season in Kansas City, but that dumpster fire didn’t last, making way for Andy Reid.

Now, for the last four seasons, Brian Daboll has been working in Buffalo under Sean McDermott. Many might look at this as a negative since Daboll has not found his own success until now, whereas a guy like Kellen Moore has flown up the ladder in Dallas and has only been coaching for four years now — one season as the quarterbacks coach and the last three as the offensive coordinator. However, I think it’s time for a seasoned veteran like Brian Daboll here in Chicago.

Daboll has helped groom Josh Allen into an MVP after struggling his rookie season. Allen showed solid developmental growth in year two and has been an MVP candidate for the last two seasons. We even saw a glimpse of how well Mitch Tubisky can do in Brian Daboll’s system. I think he can come here to Chicago and truly help Justin Fields develop. Fields needs his next system to work or we could see another quarterback never reach his full potential again.