Chicago Bears: Why Odell Beckham would be better than Allen Robinson

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 3-5 on the year as they head into a must-win matchup versus the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9. For a brief moment yesterday, there was real hope that the Chicago Bears could add Odell Beckham, Jr. to their arsenal. That moment went away later last night, but since I looked into how Beckham would look in a Bears uniform, I am going to use this as a way to explain why Allen Robinson is not being extended and will not be around in 2022.

I have been on record that I wanted the Chicago Bears to give Allen Robinson an extension, but not at the price he believes he was worth. Therefore, technically, I have somewhat sided with the Bears and Ryan Pace on this one. I don’t believe Robinson is worth $20 million per year. I am on record that he should be paid $16-$18 million per season max. This is partly because I don’t believe the value of overpaying a wide receiver helps in getting to a Super Bowl and partly because I am not as high on Allen Robinson as others.

In fact, I wrote about how Cairo Santos was a more important player to extend last season. Again, it appears the Bears agreed with me. I know, that’s not necessarily a good thing seeing how bad this franchise has been over the years. However, the team does make the right decisions some of the time and extending Santos over Allen Robinson was one of them.

Allen Robinson is replaceable during the Chicago Bears rebuild

When we look at Allen Robinson versus Odell Beckham, the first thing that stands out is their personality. Beckham is very vocal through the media whereas Robinson is more reserved. This does not mean that he doesn’t do his speaking in other ways though. He has used plenty of cryptic tweets regarding the Chicago Bears and his contract situation. His agent, Brandon Parker, who is clearly speaking for his client, also likes to stir things up on social media.

Parker took to Twitter after Adam Schefter tweeted out the news regarding Odell Beckham to make the comment:

"“Man it was that easy? Wow”"

Parker changed his account settings after the backlash it seems so I cannot post the actual tweet, but here’s a screenshot of it along with a comment underneath that I cannot stop laughing at since it’s spot on and the point of my Allen Robinson vs Odell Beckham argument.

I think this is a good segway into why I wanted Odell Beckham to be in a Bears uniform.