Chicago Bears: Why Odell Beckham would be better than Allen Robinson

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Allen Robinson is not seeing enough volume in this Chicago Bears offense

Allen Robinson has been a top-five wide receiver over the last two seasons despite never hitting double-digit touchdowns. This was mostly due to volume though. Mitch Trubisky forced the ball to Robinson over and over and over again. He saw over 150 targets the last two years but is only on pace to see 94 targets this year and that includes an extra game. He also only has one touchdown and 271 yards. This puts him on pace for only 575 yards and three touchdowns.

Now, to be fair, the Chicago Bears offense is struggling mightily and that is not helping Robinson. That said, he’s not helping the offense enough either. Too often we see Robinson look disinterested when he runs his routes and how often do you see him throw a block? Someone recently told me Robinson was a team player, but I find that hard to believe based on his actions on the field — even more so this season.

The other reason that Allen Robinson isn’t seeing targets in my opinion is that Justin Fields does not fully trust him yet. Too often, Robinson is not separating from defenders and Fields clearly does not consider him open enough to throw him the ball. This is not just on Robinson, as he has proven he can catch contested catches. Fields needs to put the ball in a place where Robinson can do what he does best. We see that Fields has more trust in Darnell Mooney because he does separate.

Odell Beckham is not as good as he used to be. He has struggled with injuries since 2017 but has had two relatively healthy seasons in 2018 and 2019 where he bounced back as a top-15 wide receiver. He might not be as great of a locker room presence as Allen Robinson, but he can at least separate on the field and do more with less volume.