3 best NFL prop bets for Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

Parker Hurley
Chicago Bears (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) /
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CLEVELAND, OHIO – . (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OHIO – . (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

2. Chase Claypool under 54.5 yards

Claypool missed one game, so he is currently 3-3 when it comes to going over 55 yards. The past two weeks he has gone under, though, and this matchup should dictate to the under as well. As we have noted, Pittsburgh would be wise to rely on the run and not let the pass rush get after Roethlisberger.

However, beyond that, the Bears have a strong stylistic matchup for Claypool in Jaylon Johnson. Johnson struggles against quick wideouts who run over the middle such as Diontae Johnson, but the bigger downfield targets are who Johnson can bully and beat to the ball.

If the Bears were smart they would put Johnson on Claypool and then force Roethlisberger to dink and dunk with Johnson, who should be bracketed by the team’s three safety look.

Johnson going over his catches is another angle to look for, but in the interest of rooting for Chicago, it should be Johnson shutting down Claypool.