5 Bears who have offered almost nothing to the team in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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With the Chicago Bears having a less-than-ideal start to the 2021 NFL season, they stare the Minnesota Vikings in the eyes as tied for middle-of-the-pack in the NFC North prior to Chicago’s Monday Night matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tommy Jaggi of the Still Curtain even planted the seed for this article, so any bad blood between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers is now squashed; even if I still wanted a monster game from the Bears on prime time.


With lots of stories about a revamped Chicago Bears team coming this season after free agent signings and the 2021 NFL Draft, what’s going wrong? Why is this team so hit-or-miss?

The Chicago Bears have a handful of low-impact players, which has been a driving factor in the team’s lack of success

Well, to put it simply, there are players that aren’t holding their weight on the team. Some of which are offering little-to-no impact at all this season, and that’s alarming for a team whose window is becoming incredibly thin in a top-heavy NFC conference.

Had these players carried their weight, or even some of it, this 3-6 Chicago Bears team could look a little different. Now, the season isn’t over, so it’s not like these players can’t have a turn-around second half.

However, that’s not the case for this first half, and with that, here are five Chicago Bears players that have had very little impact on the 2021 season thus far.