5 Bears who have offered almost nothing to the team in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Jimmy Graham, Jesse James
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Chicago Bears Low-Impact Player No. 1: Jimmy Graham, TE

It doesn’t take the world’s best analyst to ask the simple question: “Jimmy Graham, where have you been, dude?”

And sure, Graham is a veteran tight end, so production would be likely to drop, but for Jimmy Graham to have one catch for 11 yards in six games is pitiful. If you asked more casual Bears fans, I’m confident they wouldn’t even know he’s still on the team.

It’s disappointing because it’s not like Graham signed a one-year deal for $3.5 million. He was brought into the Chicago Bears for two years and $16 million. So, for fun, let’s do a math exercise.

"How much has Jimmy Graham made in 2021 for… each catch: $8 million/catch each yard: ~$1.45/yard per snap: $73,394/snap stats per Pro Football Reference*"

When put that way, it’s even worse, as the Chicago Bears have a similar financial situation now as a college freshman– they’re running on pocket change. Now, obviously, that’s an exaggeration, but the comparison is there nonetheless. The Chicago Bears aren’t a team that can be willy-nilly with their money, as they’re soon going to have to let some guys go due to how much they’ll be worth.

Either that or restructure some deals to make future problems even worse — again, similar to that of a college student.

So, with one player down, that leaves four left. Who will wear No. 2?