5 Bears who have offered almost nothing to the team in 2021

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Chicago Bears Low-Impact Player No. 4: Teven Jenkins, OT

Although it’s possibly unfair to put Teven Jenkins in here, he’s quite literally been a low-impact player this season. No matter what way you cut it, Jenkins has been as low-impact as they come so far.

Granted, his lack of impact comes from injury rather than poor play, but it’s disappointing nonetheless — to the Chicago Bears and probably Jenkins himself.

Going into the season, Teven Jenkins was supposedly going to be the bodyguard of Justin Fields: the upcoming franchise quarterback for as long as possible.

And the Bears believed this, too.

With the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft hardly underway, the Chicago Bears made a somewhat significant jump to get Jenkins at No. 39.

I’ve come to believe that whenever a team trades up for a player — when they’re already low in remaining draft capital — it means they really believe that player can be a high-impact player.

Once again, Teven Jenkins hasn’t been that guy yet. There’s still time, and considering he’s been doing some individual training shows that things are at least moving in the right direction.

Hopefully, Jenkins finishes the season off better than he’s started, which isn’t too high of a bar. As for now, he lives as a low-impact player for the Chicago Bears.