Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 9

Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 1: Lack of discipline

Disregarding the massive inconsistencies by the referees on Monday Night Football, the Chicago Bears prove once again that they’re not a disciplined football team.

Yes, a lot of that falls on coaching, but when you’ve played 148 games of NFL football, how do you line up offsides? Not to mention, it was in a crucial moment that had a sizeable impact on the Chicago Bears’ comeback efforts. Had Robert Quinn and Trevis Gipson not had back-to-back offsides penalties– in which they lined up offsides– the 3-6 Chicago Bears could be the 4-5 Chicago Bears.

Now, there were plenty of not-so-great calls, but on the calls that were accurate, it was indicative of which team was more disciplined; and it wasn’t the team wearing navy and orange.

Along with that, there was the infamous “taunting” call that set the internet ablaze.

Now, when I take my Chicago Bears bias out of the equation, I can somewhat see how that’s by definition “taunting”, but if that’s going to be called, all taunting needs to be called. That’s not anything near what I want, but if it’s going to be an emphasis, it needs to be called consistently.

A rule like that is so arbitrary that it muddies the water for what’s taunting and what’s not.

For example…

Now, you can probably see why it’s aggravating that Marsh’s “taunt” was called, while Taven Bryan’s wasn’t. Granted, one game was at noon during Sunday’s slate, so there are fewer eyes on the game than the nationally broadcasted Monday Night Football, but this needs to be a rule that’s ironed out more before it’s made an emphasis.

Alright, with my taunting rant out of the way, I present the next most disappointing part of Monday Night’s loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers.