Chicago Bears: How to improve the offensive line during the bye week

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Chicago Bears -Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /
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When it comes to the Chicago Bears offense, there is one area that stands out above the rest — the poor performance of the offensive line. Now, the offensive line is not the only issue on the offense, but it is by far the biggest issue. This past week, the line played relatively well despite giving up three sacks to T. J. Watt. Relatively well is just not good enough though.

As the team enters the bye week this week, one thing is certain, the team should be looking to make as many changes and moves as possible in order to keep progressing on offense. It helps that Justin Fields is starting to come into his own. Fields has improved week over week, including this past week where he threw for nearly 300 yards. These are the weeks we want to see out of the rookie quarterback going forward.

The team must do whatever it takes to help Justin Fields continue to develop. One way to do that is to keep him upright more than they have thus far this season. The Bears have given up the most sacks of any other team to this point this season with 33. The next closest team is the Broncos with 29. The Vikings have done the best thus far this season by only allowing 10 sacks through nine weeks.

There are three moves I think the Chicago Bears should make during this bye week that could potentially lead to a better, more consistent offensive line unit. There’s no guarantee this works, but can it really get any worse than what has already been taking place?