Chicago Bears: How to improve the offensive line during the bye week

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The Chicago Bears should bench Sam Mustipher

I have to admit that Sam Mustipher had me fooled during the offseason. I truly thought he was going to be good enough to man the middle of the Chicago Bears offensive line. The problem is, I was completely wrong. Mustipher has struggled for most of the season.

In Mustipher’s defense, he had probably his best game this past week versus the Steelers, but I am not certain he can continue to build off of it. If the team is going to make a change like this, doing so during the bye week is best.

Now, the Chicago Bears would have two options here if they were to decide to make a move like this one. The first option is promoting Dieter Eiselen off the practice squad. Making a move like this is one literally for the future. As you are all aware, I am not a big fan of Pro Football Focus (PFF) grading system. That said, they are the only option out there to compare offensive linemen efficiency.

Sam Mustipher has a PFF grade of 51.3 on the year, which is way below average. At this point, Dieter Eiselen cannot be any worse right? This also allows the Bears to see what they have in Eiselen.

The problem with a move like this is that Eiselen might be just as bad as Mustipher. He could also be worse, but neither will help Justin Fields stay upright. This is why if the Bears bench Mustipher, then they should make this complimentary move.