Chicago Bears: 5 teams who regret not drafting Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /
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In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears made a move that shook the world– or at least a part of the world in Northwest Illinois.

Even before Justin Fields took a snap in the NFL, the Chicago Bears fan base was ready to crown him King of Chicago. For reasons that probably won’t see the light of day, a handful of NFL teams decided to go with different positional “needs” or with different quarterbacks as the best option once Trevor Lawrence was off the board.

Did the Chicago Bears steal Justin Fields from the rest of the NFL?

Unarguably, Trevor Lawrence to the Jacksonville Jaguars was inevitable.

However, outside of Trevor Lawrence, I’m not convinced that players chosen before Justin Fields were as good of picks, and because of that, I think some teams are kicking themselves going, “Why didn’t we draft this guy?

Whether it’s taking a different quarterback or taking a player at an arguably less important position than a good quarterback, I can confidently say that a handful of teams wish Justin Fields was their quarterback. What is worse is that they even had the chance to make it a reality.

Considering the Chicago Bears got Fields at No. 11 in the 2021 NFL Draft, some Bears fans might say there are ten teams that missed out on Justin Fields, but I’ll be more realistic and say that there are five teams that wish they’d drafted Justin Fields.