Chicago Bears: 5 teams who regret not drafting Justin Fields

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Team Regretful They Passed on Justin Fields No. 5: Detroit Lions

With a winless record, it’s easy to say that hindsight is 20/20 for them, too.

Whether it was believing that Jared Goff was “The Guy’, or thinking that an offensive tackle could save this franchise, the Detroit Lions are not very happy with their roster. And for good reason, I think the Lions are kicking themselves for not drafting Justin Fields with the seventh pick in the NFL Draft.

Now, I’m not sure if Fields would show the progression he’s shown thus far with the Chicago Bears had he gone to the Detroit Lions, but to say that Justin Fields isn’t one of the hardest working rookies in the 2021 quarterback class is laughable.

I can only imagine how well he and Dan Campbell would’ve worked together, even if opposing players’ kneecaps aren’t vegan. Campbell and Fields seemingly would be great “rah-rah” guys, and considering a quarterback is often times an extension of the head coach’s hip, that’s a strong point as to why the Detroit Lions regret not drafting Justin Fields.

Not only do I think Justin Fields would give the Lions a much better chance than Jared Goff, but I think had the Detroit Lions drafted Justin Fields, they’re “rebuild” — if that’s what they want to call it — would be much further down the progression line that it is now.

With the first team on-pace to go 0-17 out of the way, which team is next on the list of teams that regrets not drafting Justin Fields?