Chicago Bears: 5 teams who regret not drafting Justin Fields

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Team Regretful They Passed on Justin Fields No. 4: Miami Dolphins

First thing’s first, I want to get this out the way: I don’t think Tua Tagovailoa is a very good NFL quarterback.

He may have  been good in college, but for those that have watched decorated college quarterbacks flop in the NFL, it’s possible to be good in one and not the other. Hell, even the opposite can happen, where a quarterback isn’t as good in college as they are in the NFL.

A lot of it has to do with how they transfer their skills from one to the other, but some of it has to do with how well the team does at building around you — whether that’s literally or figuratively. Given all the controversy over the Dolphins liking or not liking Tua Tagovailoa, all those problems would likely flush down the toilet had they not drafted him and waited the one year to grab Justin Fields.

Seemingly, since Tagovailoa got drafted No. 5 to the Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins have been unsure of his abilities. I understand why they’re unsure, but why even draft him at that point? The Dolphins aren’t a bad team, and with the right quarterback, I think they could be a playoff team given how open the AFC is this year compared to the NFC.

Had they drafted Justin Fields at No. 6 this year, they’d be out on an excellent receiver in Jaylen Waddle, but they’d be freed from their biggest mistake in recent years — which is drafting Tua Tagovailoa.

Not only would Fields be able to run the Dolphins offense far better than Tagovailoa, but the Dolphins offense would be pretty good, all things considered. Had they not taken Tagovailoa, maybe they’d have drafted Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb– since they’d draft Fields in 2021.

It’s all speculation, but it’s fair and likely to say that the Miami Dolphins highly regret not drafting Justin Fields.

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