5 Chicago Bears who could breakout after bye week

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The Chicago Bears at their bye week and we are just past the halfway point of the 2021 season. With that in mind, there is plenty of time for this roster to write a new chapter and have their final eight games set the tone for the offseason.

A lot of the time you see players come back from the bye week healthier, or you see coaching changes allow certain players to thrive after an off week. Who are five players that could see their role grow or play improve after the bye week?

5. Chicago Bears TE Cole Kmet

If the four games leading into the bye week are indications of how Cole Kmet will perform out of the bye, we may finally start to see an emergence. After hauling in 40 yards or more in just one of his first five starts, Kmet has put up 40 yards or more in three of his last four. That includes his career-high 87-yard performance against the Steelers.

If you recall last season it was not until the bye week when Kmet started to make his impact. If he can have a similar bump after the bye week this year, he will be growing into a player that fans and media across the league have to talk about.