5 Chicago Bears who could breakout after bye week

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1. Larry Borom

Larry Borom is another name that is obvious to have a bigger second half than first. It helps that he only has two starts, and should finish with ten by the end of the year. The Bears have had serious issues at right tackle while their rookie has been banged up.

However, Borom is back and healthy and the last two games were the best a right tackle has played for Chicago all season. Beyond that, it was against Nick Bosa and T.J. Watt. Like Justin Fields, this is a great time for a bye week for Larry Borom.

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He got to face two of the best and had a nice game in each. Now, he can look back, catch his breath, and get ready for the stretch run. The end of the season dash will be a challenge for any rookie, but for Borom to miss time early, and see Watt and Bosa out of the gate makes it seem like he will be able to hit a peak over the next few weeks as he proves what he can do in the NFL.