Chicago Bears: Philadelphia insider gives a horrible take on Jason Peters

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Chicago Bears, Jason Peters
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

In a recent interview on Jon Zaghloul’s Sports Talk Chicago podcast, national NFL reporter and Philadelphia insider Rob Maaddi weighs in on many things Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles related. One specific topic of conversation that came up was of course former Eagles left tackle, Jason Peters.  However, Rob Maaddi’s comments that came next were a bit baffling in my opinion and sounded more petty than accurate.

To call Jason Peters anything but great for the Chicago Bears is a mistake

In the interview, Jon Zaghloul and Rob Maaddi discussed the Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers game, which leads to a discussion on Maaddi’s opinion on Justin Fields and his future. One topic that came up that leads into a discussion specific about Jason Peters is that the Bears need to find a way to bring in more talent to help in Fields’ development. Maaddi had this to say:

"“Listen, Jason Peters is on his last leg at left tackle. I know all about Jason Peters after covering him in Philly throughout his tenure there”"

Jon Zaghloul gives Maaddi the follow-up question of, “How’d you react to that signing as a Philly guy?” Maaddi goes on to say the following:

"I think we were all in shock man. People in Philly couldn’t wait…Jason Peters has been trending down…and he’s 39 years old so I don’t want to beat up on a guy who is at the end of his career, but we all thought he should ride off into the sunset a couple of years ago. I know familiarity in the NFL is a big deal and that allowed him to get an opportunity with some coaches who know him, but we have seen this before. We’ve seen a guy who is often injured and cannot finish games."

Let’s stop this here for a minute. To say that Jason Peters is on his last leg is a bit deceiving based on how he has performed this year. How exactly has Peters performed for the Eagles?