5 signs that Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields has star potential

Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears are 3-6 at the bye week but we all know that this is not what matters as much as the development of Justin Fields. The team is going to have to build around their rookie quarterback, and any growth he shows this year will help attract coaches, players, and hopefully make the rebuild process easy.

Justin Fields has progressed each game which is great, but there are serious signs that Justin Fields is a year or two away from taking over the NFL. Here are five reasons why Justin Fields is going to become a star.

5. Justin Fields is Not a running quarterback

After doing rest of season projections, it was surprising to see that if Fields can start eight more games, and rip off a couple more big runs, he will have one of the better rushing seasons from a quarterback. Granted, rushing has been something that has just become a friend of quarterbacks and not a detriment.

While the thought that you need a quarterback who can beat you with his arm before his legs is true, the duel threat is huge. The key is not relying on the legs and being able to kill teams with the arm.

Justin Fields has shown through his first seven games that he is not a one-read then run quarterback. In fact, you have seen him get out of the pocket to extend to pass. At times against the Browns, he ducked his eyes and looked to run, but from then on he has extended the play to pass.

This shows by Fields ranking 25th in time to scramble with 5.21 seconds before he bails.  The lowest rate is 4.2 Fields is not getting out of the pocket, but rather is winning from it. This is a true duel threat.