5 differences with Sean Desai as Chicago Bears defensive coordinator

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4. Getting Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn next to each other

Chuck Pagano was old school in the sense that he always wants his pass rushers to rush from their normal side. If you are a left end, you take on right tackles, vice versa with no exceptions. Sean Desai likes to move his defenders around a bit more.

This has led to a few plays where Khalil Mack lines up inside, over the left guard, and he is next to Robert Quinn. A result of that look is the play below.

Mack against a guard in unfair, and when he wipes out the guard, it makes a cut back line appear too easy for Robert Quinn to squeeze though.  Quinn and Mack have aligned on the same side for 29 snaps this season. That is already more than they played together last year. To be fair, Quinn missed a lot of time last season, and was a rotational player when he did play.

Mack often lined up on the right side, but that was in relief of Quinn. In 2021, when Desai has a healthy Quinn and Mack, he has had the used them together to make life hard on quarterbacks. Quinn missed week 7 and Mack missed weeks 8-10, but now the duo should be healthy and back to their ways against Baltimore.