5 differences with Sean Desai as Chicago Bears defensive coordinator

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Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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1. Jaylon Johnson following top wide outs

This is one we wrote about in the past. The Bears have never moved their cornerbacks around, going from Fangio to Pagano. However, with Sean Desai it has been much more common. To be fair to Desai, he has not done it all the time, and only when the matchup calls for it.

When the Rams have Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, or the Steelers have Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson, Johnson will stick to his side and see who lines up there. Even against Deebo Samuel, Desai kept Jaylon Johnson in his spot because Samuel motions around so much.

However, when the Bears played the Browns, it was an easy decision to take out Odell Beckham. Against the Packers, the Bears had Johnson follow Davante Adams. Even against the Bucs, with Chris Godwin the slot, and Antonio Brown banged up, the Bears used Johnson to shadow Mike Evans.

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The results have been up and down, but it shows that the Bears trust Johnson against anyone, and also shows that Desai is putting his touch on the scheme. If he thinks Johnson can move around and is a better matchup than Kindle Vildor, he is making that move.