3 Chicago Bears defenders who must step up to stop Lamar Jackson

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Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Eddie Goldman
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2. Eddie Goldman

This one is going to confuse some, considering how fast the Ravens can be at times. As noted, you have to sub-second defenders who are strong and slow out for the faster and potentially weaker players. That gives the Ravens an ability to run straight ahead at you, and if you are not big enough, you take a punch. However, that makes the big nose in the middle all the more valuable.

Eddie Goldman has taken a few weeks to knock the dust off, but his last game was by far the best and was reminiscent of his old days. Now, Goldman gets an off week to rest up and have a stretch run of old-school play.

The ability and confidence that Goldmans brings to Sunday’s game could open up a lot of schematic factors. If the Bears can stuff the power run with just Goldman, it turns all eyes onto Lamar Jackson. If they have to start putting extra bodies in the box, Jackson will have room to run.