The Chicago Bears must build around these eight players in 2022

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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When it comes to the Chicago Bears, the only positive that we can take from the current team is the future seems hopeful. The current team finds itself with a 3-6 record and on a four-game losing streak. This bye week should help in the sense that hopefully Khalil Mack and Eddie Jackson can return from their injuries prior to the team’s next matchup versus the Ravens in Week 11.

There are some fans holding onto hope that the team can find a way to still make the playoffs. Mathematically, the team is still able to achieve this, but it would require one heck of a second-half run. One might even say a historic-type run. I am a very optimistic fan, but I cannot sit here and try to pretend that this team is going to make that type of run.

Instead, I am going to start focusing on player development during the back half of the year and next season. Not every player is worth our focus though. The team has a few key contributors and we need to see them start to gel and play at a level that makes us feel hopeful about the 2022 season.

We have already started to see some of this happen over the last few weeks. Justin Fields is starting to find a groove. He is showing flashes of what we could see from him in his career and it is exciting. I know some of you, alright, many of you, believe that there is no hope for this team until the McCaskey’s sell. However, watching Justin Fields development from his first start to his most recent start should be very hopeful.

Alright, I think I might have given the most obvious player away. These are not necessarily in order of importance, but this first player is clearly the most important.