The Chicago Bears must build around these eight players in 2022

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears Player to Build Around No. 1: Justin Fields

How can anyone be excited about a rookie quarterback who has a completion percentage of less than 60%? How about a quarterback who has only thrown four touchdowns in seven games? Oh yeah, and don’t forget he’s also thrown eight interceptions during that same span.

It’s simple. Those stats do not tell the entire story. For one, Justin Fields is ranked third in the NFL in YAS% (Yards Above Successful). YAS% is a way to think of “explosive plays”. If a team is facing third-and-three but gains 25 yards, 22 of those yards are considered YAS. To put it in perspective, Russell Wilson is ranked second. Geno Smith is actually ranked first, but I wouldn’t count him seeing he hasn’t played enough snaps.

I think it is safe to say that Fields has had some bad luck with his interceptions too. Two of them came when he thought he had a free play. One should have been an offsides penalty versus Green Bay, the other was when the coaches told him the play was free due to 12 men on the field. Neither flag was thrown and both ended up in deep interceptions throws.

Fields also has a couple of interceptions that were deflected after hitting his receiver right in the hands. These are not the types of plays a quarterback likes to see, but they happen.

The point is, Justin Fields looks to have a bright future. The key will be finding him a head coach who can truly develop him completely. What we are seeing right now is despite Matt Nagy in my opinion. If Fields was on a better-coached team, he’d look even better. That said, I’m ecstatic that he is on the Bears and I’ve seen enough to have hope he brings greatness to this city.