Chicago Bears: Khalil Mack’s surgery isn’t worst-case scenario

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

With the Chicago Bears sitting at 3-6 prior to their matchup against an AFC favorite in the Baltimore Ravens maybe before their loss to the Miami Dolphins— the Chicago Bears sit on the fringe of the massive “in the hunt” graphic. As the Chicago Bears get ready for said game, Khalil Mack is placed on season-ending IR.

Does that mean they’re done for the 2021 season?

No, not necessarily; however, it’s a big loss nonetheless.

The Chicago Bears’ defense hasn’t necessarily been lights-out the last few weeks, so losing one of the best players on that defense surely won’t help.

The Chicago Bears and Khalil Mack are not in a worst-case scenario

That being said, it’s not the worst-case scenario for this Chicago Bears team.

With the offense likely losing Allen Robinson in the offseason, as well as the Bears having a roster with plenty of holes as is, this isn’t the worst situation for the Bears or Mack. Let me explain why before you start typing your comments.

Khalil Mack has been playing for the last few weeks with an aggravated foot, and since I’ve fractured my foot once, I can speak for him from the foot-injury community. *THIS IS A JOKE BTW*

Considering Mack’s age is doing nothing but increasing, the ability to play through injuries is likely far more difficult than it’d be for a player with fewer years under their belt. And for an EDGE rusher like Khalil Mack, I can’t imagine that an injured foot makes his job any easier.

So, why is this not worst-case for the Chicago Bears and Khalil Mack?

Well, because this season is unfortunately not one that I see the Bears surviving into the playoffs. Sure, the meat of their schedule might almost be over, but it’s not like they’ve won many of those games against teams that are likely to make the playoffs. In fact, against likely playoff teams this season, they’re 0-3:

"Chicago Bears’ schedule thus far:W1: LAR* 34, CHI 14W2: CHI 20, CIN 17W3: CLE 26, CHI 6W4: CHI 24, DET 14W5: CHI 20, LV 9W6: GB* 24, CHI 14W7: TB* 38, CHI 3W8: SF 33, CHI 22W9: PIT 29, CHI 27* likely playoff teams"

Not only that, but it gives the players under Khalil Mack time to progress into their own. Players like Trevis Gibson and Cassius Marsh can now get film on how they’re playing in live reps, and with that comes feedback that can be applied to the future of this team. I’d say the future is more of a reasonable thing to look forward to than the present, all things considered.

Khalil Mack is a difference-maker no doubt, but for a Chicago Bears team with an unlikely journey into the playoffs, it might be better to let Khalil Mack get as much time to heal as he needs to turn back into the Khalil Mack that offensive coordinators used to lose a lot more sleep over.

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Not only that, but it might even help towards the “get the Chicago Bears a new head coach” campaign, as it’s likely that a playoff berth would be reason enough for the front office to extend the undeserving Matt Nagy.