These three Chicago Bears were individual winners in loss to the Ravens

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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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The Chicago Bears were unable to take advantage of the Baltimore Ravens without Lamar Jackson at home in their Week 11 matchup. They lost by a final score of 16-13 and there was a lot of heat to go around after the game. It was an ugly loss, one that seemed to have frustrated fans, coaches, and players. Still, some players played especially well while the rest of the team looked bad.

A few players deserve special shout-outs for standing out for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Week 11 Winner No. 1: Andy Dalton

A huge shout-out goes to Andy Dalton who has been on the bench ever since the first half of Week 2. He understood Matt Nagy’s decision to go with Justin Fields even though he had not shown anything deserving of benching. Dalton was brought in to be a starting quarterback and was told he would be the team’s QB1 when he signed.

With the drafting of Justin Fields, Dalton, the coaches, and fans knew it was just a matter of time until Fields took the helm. He has handled everything professionally and has taken Fields under his wing, knowing that his veteran experience and leadership will help the young quarterback develop.

When Fields went down early in the third quarter, Andy Dalton comes in cold off of the bench and is tasked with sparking this offense. The team had scored zero points in the first half and Justin Fields had not looked good through most of the game so far. Dalton comes in and takes three plays to get the Bears in the end-zone on the huge screenplay to Darnell Mooney. Then a few drives later Dalton finds Marquise Goodwin to put the Bears ahead late in the fourth quarter.

Andy Dalton came in and did exactly what the Bears needed him to do. Was he perfect? No, he was not. He missed some easy throws and had a hard time evading pressure at times. Still, Dalton played how the Bears needed him too and was able to get two touchdowns while Fields struggled for the whole first half.

Dalton’s performance has now brought up the debate as to whether he should be the starter going forward. Obviously, if Fields is healthy he needs to play, but Andy Dalton had a guts performance in this game and has sparked a debate in Chicago.