These three Chicago Bears laid a dud versus the Ravens in Week 11

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The Chicago Bears extended their losing streak to five games in a row now after they lost to the Baltimore Ravens at home by a score of 16-13. It was a very weird game, and one the Bears really should have won. They should have taken advantage of Lamar Jackson being out and stole one from the Ravens, but they could not get anything going on offense for most of the game and it resulted in a tough loss for the Bears.

Bad coaching and some poor effort kept the Chicago Bears from winning

Chicago Bears Week 11 Dud No. 1: Matt Nagy

As heard throughout Soldier Field today, Matt Nagy needs to be let go. He was once again out-coached on all levels and his decision-making looked suspect during today’s loss. A Wildcat call on fourth and one, poor personnel management, and not being able to capitalize on advantageous situations were the main factors that contributed to Nagy being a dud for this week.

After playing four of the league’s best head coaches in a row in Bruce Arians, Kyle Shanahan, Mike Tomlin, and John Harbough, it is clear Matt Nagy is not on that level of head coaching in the NFL. His strength was his offensive mind coming out of the Andy Reid system in Kansas City, and nearly four years into the Nagy era we are yet to see any of that. There is no reason for the Bears to not score any points in the first half of a football game, especially to a team that is playing their backup quarterback.

Not all of the blame goes on Matt Nagy, but it starts with the head coach. When the same mistakes are being made over and over again and adjustments seem to never be made, it shows that the coaching of this team is not doing its job. Matt Nagy has to be the one to start the blame with, and this game against the Ravens was just another highlight of why he should not be the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

There are more people that need to be let go, not just Nagy. Bill Lazor should be gone, and many of the positional coaches should be let go because this team just looks to be undisciplined and today’s effort was just not what it should have been at many times.