3 signs that Matt Nagy is in over his head with Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /
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Fans have been screaming it for weeks, months, and years, but Sunday’s loss may be the final nail in the coffin for Matt Nagy. For a team that had a chance to stick around in the playoff hunt to blow a lead to Tyler Huntley at home is going to be unforgivable, and even listening to the players, and coaches it was clear that this was a bigger loss than just the one in the L column.

This loss exposed everything that had been building up against Matt Nagy over the past few years. It all came together, and we saw why this is likely his last month in Chicago.

3. Doesn’t branch off the opening script

The biggest thing here is that after Matt Nagy gave up play-calling he admitted that he was seeing the game better and was ready to be a better head coach. It is fine to admit that you are doing too much by calling plays, but that means that if Nagy is not, he needs to be sharp in-game situations. That has not been the case.

The Bears have been pretty good on their opening drive, and despite a missed field goal, they moved the ball well again on Sunday. The issue is that they can never branch off of it. On Sunday, the Bears were mixing in Khalil Herbert with David Montgomery, playing them together.

Herbert motioned, blocked, ran wild cat, it was a creative way to get their top-skill players on the field. Then, we never saw it again. Herbert played four snaps on the opening drive and finished with seven. That is three the rest of the way.

It is obvious the Bears schemed to get Herbert involved, as he was a key player on that opening drive. Then, the Bears never found a way to get him back into the game. That is poor coaching.