3 signs that Matt Nagy is in over his head with Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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2. Lost Time Outs

The entire end of the game situation was not pretty on Sunday, but this again comes back to the idea that Nagy is supposed to be seeing things clearly because his head is not in the play sheet. However, once again he let the moment get too big for him.

On Sunday the Bears faced fourth and 6 from the 44. With the clock stopped they decided to call time out. This is debatable because, with such a big fourth down, the correct play call is crucial. Still, a good head coach has that play ready and keeps his time out for later.

Either way, the play worked. This is where it gets worse. Matt Nagy runs out the kick team. However, up 13-9, a 14-9 lead means nothing. However, 15-9 at least makes the lead six and forces the team to score and kick an extra point. Either way, with how meaningless a five-point lead it is obvious that the Bears should have gone for two.

They did, but not until they called a time-out and got the kicking team off. Again, Nagy is not in the play call sheet so he should have a play ready for fourth down. They called a bomb on fourth down, so he should know that if they score they need to go for two. These are clearly on him.

The Bears arguably scored too fast, but so did the Ravens. The Bears still had 22 seconds, but they no longer had what could have been two huge time-outs. The first one is questionable, the second was a disaster.