Even these four coaches would be better for the Bears than Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy, Hector Elizondo
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Coach Ed Gennero would be a better coach for the Bears than Matt Nagy

Here is yet another coach who in all honesty is not a great coach in the sense that he was unable to develop wins and results. Another coach who sounds similar to Matt Nagy. In this case, this is actor Hector Elizondo. If you do not recognize him or the name Coach Ed Gennero, then maybe you have not seen the movie ‘Necessary Roughness’ before?

Here is the thing, these coaches have some similarities. We are made to believe that Coach Ed Gennero is a great coach, but in the movie, he takes over a football program coming off of the NCAA death penalty. The Texas State University Fightn’ Armadillos must build a new team without using scholarships. This leads them to find players who are already students.

Like Gennero, we were made to believe Matt Nagy was a great coach and offensive mind. He too was taking over a less than spectacular team when hired in 2018. Alright, he wasn’t counting on a rag-tag group of misfits like Coach Gennero, but you get the idea.

Throughout the movie, the team struggles under the leadership of a 34-year-old quarterback who was convinced to go back to college. Then, the team finally rallies together to win the big game versus the best team in the state. The funny thing about this though is that Coach Gennero isn’t even coaching the game because he was in the hospital for most of the game.

Then why exactly should we think Coach Ed Gennero is better than Matt Nagy? Well, even this bad coach was able to bring even worse talent than the Bears have together to score 22 points versus one of the best teams. How often has the Bears’ offense scored more than 20 points under Matt Nagy?