Like everything, Chicago Bears are botching head coach firing

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

Reports are flying left and right about the status of Matt Nagy. At the end of the day, all reports are coming to Thursday being his last game as the Chicago Bears head coach, but as more reports come out, the situation just gets more embarrassing for the team.

First, a source came out with information close to the organization saying that Matt Nagy was told he would not be coaching after Thursday. However, Matt Nagy was asked about this, and denied it, saying he did not talk with anyone this week because of the short turnaround.

After Matt Nagy took a hounding from the media and took plenty of questions about his job status, more reports came out that Nagy met with ownership. However, these sources say that Nagy was truthful when he said he did not meet with them on Tuesday.

According to Brad Biggs, Nagy met with ownership right after he met with the press. Then, he met with his players.

"Sometime between saying that and heading to the Walter Payton Center for the second walk-through, Nagy did meet with ownership, according to sources. Those sources said Nagy told players that it was about them moving forward and that no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and they said he broke down the team on “family.”"

Biggs also mentioned that Nagy canceled all meetings for the rest of the day. He called it highly unusual.

"That was before Nagy canceled all meetings scheduled for the rest of Tuesday afternoon and evening, the sources said, a highly unusual move that prompted one source to wonder if Nagy is resigned to his fate."

When you put this all together you can tell that the Chicago Bears fumbled this poorly. They did in fact decide that his fate was sealed, as the initial report suggests. However, they let Nagy talk to the media blind about his fate, and then talked to him afterward.

Nagy, being blindsided by the news talks about how he does not know what tomorrow brings, preaches family, and cancels practices.

Matt Nagy failed as the Chicago Bears head coach, but nobody deserves to be dangled around like that. Ownership needed to tell him either before the story leaked, or before he faced the media on Tuesday.

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Beyond that, now you have to wonder how bought in this team will be for a game against the Lions. Many players are unsure of what is going on, and now they are missing extra practice. Nagy is essentially the employee on two weeks’ notice with two days left.

When you add this up, the Chicago Bears are probably going to be unmotivated, unfocused, and uncoached as they take on the Detroit Lions.