Recipe for how the Chicago Bears can give fans a Happy Thanksgiving

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Have you been following the whirlwind of nonsense surrounding Matt Nagy that has taken place over the last 24-36 hours? The Chicago Bears cannot seem to do anything, and I mean anything right. They cannot seem to even fire their head coach correctly. Alright, I’ll give them the Justin Fields pick because, well, it is the most excited I have ever been about a Bears quarterback. It’s possible I am wrong, but he is the one quarterback I wanted from this draft outside of Trevor Lawrence.

He is a star in the making and I do not have any doubts about it. What do you say about it…”I’m willing to die on this hill.” Unfortunately, things have not gone Justin Fields’ way in his rookie year. The Bears decided to start Andy Dalton to start the year. This wasn’t a horrible decision, but in hindsight, giving those starter reps to Fields may have allowed him to adjust more quickly. Fields was thrust into the starting lineup in Week 3 after Dalton suffered a knee injury. Needless to say, his stats do not look good despite seeing exponential growth each week.

Justin Fields stats are not what gets me excited as a Chicago Bears fan

In fact, if you are Benjamin Allbright, you would appear to die on the opposite hill as me regarding Fields. We will see who is right in the end.

I’ve talked about it before, but Andy Dalton’s success comes in a very different way than Justin Fields’ success. Quite frankly, if you want a quarterback who is going to throw the ball less than 10 yards on most plays and hope your wide receiver can run for over 60 yards, then Dalton is your guy. However, if you want a quarterback who is able to accurately throw the ball downfield, then Fields is that guy.

The problem with this offense boils down to three things. First, the offensive line has been very suspect despite being better the last couple of weeks. Second, Justin Fields holds the ball longer than analysts like Benjamin Allbright like because he is trying to push the ball downfield. Downfield throws take longer to develop and are more difficult when your line struggles to hold blocks. Finally, the Chicago Bears wide receivers constantly struggle to create separation — another problem within this offense.

Alright, this longwinded talk about Justin Fields leads me to the ways that this organization can finally start to make changes and make fans happy for Thanksgiving.