Recipe for how the Chicago Bears can give fans a Happy Thanksgiving

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The Chicago Bears need to fire Ted Phillips or shift him to a new role

Nope, Matt Nagy is not the biggest problem. When we look at how things are shaking out during this strange situation surrounding the current head coach of the Chicago Bears, all I can say is yikes. This organization continues to ruin just about everything they touch.

I have not seen many Matt Nagy apologists on social media lately. It appears that most Bears fans have come to the conclusion that Matt Nagy should no longer be coaching this team. Welcome to the club, we have been waiting for you on this side for a while now. The problem is, who exactly is going to be firing him? If the rumors are true, we could be discussing the interim coach who takes over for the rest of the year as soon as this weekend — probably Chris Tabor again.

If the Chicago Bears are going to fire Matt Nagy, then the team needs to make some corresponding moves also. First and foremost, Ted Phillips needs to be fired or at least assigned to only business operations. We have discussed this before, so why has the organization not picked up on what we are throwing down? It’s not like we are the only media/blog source making these statements. Maybe, just maybe, for once the organization should turn to the masses on this?

Phillips was brought in and assigned as team President in 1999 after Michael McCaskey was essentially fired by his mom and majority owner, Virginia McCaskey. Phillips was the first person to hold the title who was not part of the McCaskey family. Michael McCaskey made some awful decisions during his tenure, but we are seeing history repeat itself even today.

Since Phillips took over as President, the Chicago Bears have only made the playoffs six times. For those who are not quick with math, that’s six out of 22 seasons or 27%. To make matters worse, the team has only won three playoff games during that span. Two came in 2006 when the team made it to the Super Bowl and lost to the Colts. The other came in 2010 versus a 7-9 Seahawks team.

There’s absolutely no reason why we can trust Phillips to make the right decisions going forward and the only way Chicago Bears fans can have a truly happy Thanksgiving holiday is if news breaks about a shift in the front office hierarchy. I know some of you will want to say the McCaskeys themselves must go. Just realize that’s not happening, but at the same time we can say, “do what needs to be done McCaskeys!”