Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 12

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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 2: David Montgomery

Now, before I get the David Montgomery fanbase to put my head on a stake, let me say why David Montgomery is on this list.

Going into this game, the Detroit Lions were the second-worst defense against the run in the entire league. Considering the Chicago Bears were using their backup quarterback against a team that should’ve been an easier opponent than they were, it was rather disappointing that David Montgomery wasn’t a top-performer. Whether it was his fault or not isn’t my debate.

Along with that, Thanksgiving games just feel like a game where running backs do well.

Do I have any stats to back that one up? Nope. Just one of those things that feels right.

Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, David Montgomery wasn’t the offensive savior he was expected to be, as he only racked up 46 yards on 17 carries — with only five of those carries coming in the first half.

Considering he might still be recovering from the knee injury from earlier in the year, Monty might just be getting his rhythym back, but as for this game, David Montgomery was quite disappointing. Again, it might not be due to his own doing — rather a playcalling and/or personel issue — but at the end of the day, I don’t think many people were happy with Montgomery’s rushing performance in Week 12.

Now, who’s next on the list of most disappointing Chicago Bears? You might have an idea.