Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 12

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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 3: Matt Nagy

Once again, Matt Nagy finds himself on this list.

At this point in the season, I almost guarantee that he’s a Chicago Bear on this list each week, and his performance earned him a spot here once again.

Now, Matt Nagy might not be the playcaller anymore, but if the calls are still going through him, he’s still to blame for the offensive woes.

Using David Montgomery five times in the first half should be a felony. Not to mention, the Detroit Lions are abysmal against the rush, so why not utilize that when you’re on your back-up quarterback in Andy Dalton?

Along with that, given all the noise made prior to this game, you’d think Nagy would put up his best coaching performance of the season. However, that was far from what happened on the first Thanksgiving game of the three-game slate.

Had the Chicago Bears played any of the other 31 teams in the NFL other than the Lions, I believe the Bears sit at 3-8. Only hanging 16 points on the winless Detroit Lions is nothing to be happy about for the Chicago Bears.

In fact, the win shouldn’t even make the coaching staff confident for anything upcoming. With games against likely playoff teams coming up for the Chicago Bears, a lot will need to go right for this team to squeak their way into the playoffs.

And considering there’s no first-round pick to try and make better by not performing well, the Chicago Bears should try to make the playoffs this year to give their young core experience in the post-season.

However, with Matt Nagy’s stink all over this team, it’s unlikely that they win a majority of their six remaining games.

Not going to lie, there was a pretty damn funny tweet I saw, which explained a possible outcome of this game against the Lions, and to be honest, if Nagy had done what this tweet said, I’d maybe even like him more than I do now. Not that his “likeability” is high for me currently, but it would rise nonetheless.

Given Nagy’s unliklihood of returning to Halas Hall following this season, this would’ve been an absolute kicker to the front office that likely didn’t release any information on them firing him after this game. But, as a fan, I’m happier that they just won the game— even if the Chicago Bears didn’t play like they deserved that win.

All-in-all, this was essentially a game coached by one of the worst coaches in the league against a decent coach with the absolute worst roster in the NFL.

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So, if you missed it, no you didn’t. Onto the Arizona Cardinals. I’m sure nothing will go wrong in that game.