3 defensive changes Chicago Bears made at Lions

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports /
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One thing you have to give defensive coordinator Sean Desai credit for is that he is not going to stay stagnant. If he sees something that does not work, he is going to try to change it. He also goes into every game with a different plan of attack based on his offense counterpart. The Chicago Bears head coach could learn a thing or two from those small developments.

Still, the always-changing Desai was obviously not happy that his defense let up 16 points to Tyler Huntley. With a short week on the road, Desai made some pretty big changes. Check out what he did.

3. Christian Jones getting extra work

This is tough to sort out, because Roquan Smith left the game with an injury that left Alec Ogletree and Christian Jones playing beside each other for most of the game. However, it is worth noting that before Smith left the game, these two were in a platoon during the first couple of drives.

Ogletree always plays next to Smith, so it was no shocker he was there on the first drive. However, on the entire second drive, it was Jones who lined up next to Roquan Smith.

You can see from the still image below that Smith is still healthy, but it is Christian Jones, not Ogletree next to him.

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Again, below Jones is next to Smith. You can see on this play that they flipped alignment based on the offensive personnel.

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Considering Smith missed the rest of the game after that drive, is tough to figure out what the Chicago Bears were going for, and Desai did not touch on this after the game. Still, it is obvious that had Smith stayed healthy the Bears would have been rotating throughout the game. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues with Smith back.