3 reasons why Jim Harbaugh could be better for the Chicago Bears than Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears - (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears - (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick
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Reason No. 2: Jim Harbaugh’s coached a QB similar to Justin Fields

Disregarding opinions on Kaepernick’s off-the-field ideologies, it’s hard to discredit his abilities on the field.

When watching Colin Kaepernick and Justin Fields, it’s obvious that the two quarterbacks have similar toolbelts to work with.

Both quarterbacks are dual-threat, even if they’re not the same exact quarterback, I’d say their playstyles are incredibly similar. Similar enough, that Jim Harbaugh could have similar offensive gameplans when coaching either.

These game plans include more play-action, quarterback roll-outs, and bootlegs that fit both quarterbacks’ reservoirs, so the similarities would give Harbaugh something similar to what he had while an NFL coach in the past.

Along with having coached a similar quarterback to what’s currently on the team, Harbaugh’s been a Chicago Bears quarterback, and even though he wasn’t necessarily as loved as Justin Fields already is, that’s valuable to bring to the table as a head coach.