3 reasons why Jim Harbaugh could be better for the Chicago Bears than Matt Nagy

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Reason No. 3: Jim Harbaugh’s connected throughout the NFL

In order to be a good NFL franchise through and through, it’s important to have a good staff. That being said, Jim Harbaugh having his contacts full of NFL execs, coaches, and coordinators would help since the Chicago Bears could go the direction of bringing in a fully new staff in 2022.

Considering Jim Harbaugh has Mike Ditka as a mentor in his professional career, it shows that he takes Ditka’s coaching style to heart, and even brings some of Ditka’s teachings to him in Michigan.

Along with having a lot of NFL contacts and connections, he’s the definition of a “football guy”.

Jim Harbaugh’s the type of guy to use a depth chart to rank his family members. He’s the type of guy that actually uses Microsoft Excel to write notes to himself. Whether you call that sociopath behavior or “football guy” behavior, those two behaviors are essentially the same thing.

All joking aside, I’m in the belief system that thinks football guys make the best coaches. Guys who make no sense to others but make sense to other football players are intangible.

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Sure, Jim Harbaugh is a super weirdo, but players seem to enjoy playing for him, and opposing coaches don’t seem to like him much. In my opinion, that shows that there’s something about Harbaugh that makes him intriguing as an option for the next Chicago Bears head coach behind Matt Nagy.