Will Ryan Pace be out at end of Chicago Bears season?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

While Chicago Bears fans want it to be today, and not a second later, all understanding is that Matt Nagy is going to be relieved of his duties, barring an epic run through the playoffs. With that in mind, the attention should start to shift to Ryan Pace.

During the weeks of Nagy-bashing Pace has moved a bit scotch free from the heat of the blame. No one is chanting fire Pace at the Bulls game, right? Still, while Nagy surely did not do enough to keep his job, the same can be said for Ryan Pace.

With that in mind, it is interesting that many seem resigned to the idea that he will be back. However, CBS Sports reported that they think the thought may be mature. Ryan Pace may be fired after all. 

"It’s likely that general manager Ryan Pace will meet a similar fate, and it’ll be the dawn of a new era in the Windy City. With more than a month left in the regular season, the Bears job — either one of them — seems like it’ll be the best one on the market. That’s the overwhelming response I’ve gotten from sources around the league and coaches and personnel execs gear up for a new hiring/firing cycle. Chicago would offer a clean slate for a new GM and head coach. It has the quarterback of the future already in place on a rookie contract, plus some quality veteran pieces to fill in around."

He said beforehand that Nagy is a sure-fire, and that Pace may meet a similar fate.

The idea of the GM and head coach being able to come in as a package deal makes a lot of sense. Add in the rookie quarterback is already in place, and it does set up for the Bears to do this right.

If they keep Ryan Pace, he is going to hire someone he is familiar with, and beyond that, he will work with the idea that he still needs to save his job. Then, all of a sudden Pace gets fired, and now you have to find a GM who will be comfortable with that head coach, and the rotation goes on.

When you bring in a fresh face, who comes in as a package with the head coach it creates a clean slate for both. Neither are pressing, and both are there because they want Justin Fields. As much as we can credit Pace getting Fields, he also was benefited by Fields falling as far as he did.

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It makes far too much sense to start clean with both the GM and head coach tied together, and knowing that they will be doing this together. Still, with the Chicago Bears, you still will be anxiously awaiting their decisions.