The one Chicago Bears head coaching candidate no one seems to mention

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Chicago Bears, Dave Toub
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The Chicago Bears should consider giving Dave Toub a shot at being a head coach

Remember when I brought up how most teams are always looking at the top offensive and defensive coordinators? Well, the Chicago Bears should consider a different approach. Why not give their former special teams coordinator, Dave Toub a shot?

For those of you who have a short memory, Dave Toub was with the Chicago Bears from 2004 to 2012. This is the entirety of the Lovie Smith era. He moved on from the Bears and headed over to work under Andy Reid with the Kansas City Chiefs. Toub has held the same position with the Chiefs from 2013 through the present day, however, the Chiefs also promoted him to Assistant Head Coach in 2018 — a position he still holds today.

Prior to his stint with Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears, Dave Toub coached for three years with the Philadelphia Eagles. His head coach was once again Andy Reid. Normally, I prefer my head coaches to have experience under multiple great minds. Toub somewhat falls into that category, despite that Lovie Smith wasn’t the best head coach. That said, Smith was definitely a good head coach.

Throughout Toub’s 20-year NFL coaching career, he has only been a part of a team that had less than 10 wins six times. Although he doesn’t deserve all of the credit as a special teams coordinator, it should be pointed out that he knows what a winning culture looks like. However, why should the Chicago Bears even consider Toub, a special teams coordinator, for the job?