Chicago Bears: 5 Players who have let the team down most in 2021

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Allen Robinson has been a big disappointment for the Chicago Bears

Everyone was looking forward to seeing Allen Robinson with a new quarterback this year. Alright, maybe not everyone, but a vast majority. The reason was that many didn’t believe in Mitch Trubisky. However, what we are witnessing is that Allen Robinson was force-fed the ball by Trubisky over the last three years and that sheer volume was a key factor in Allen Robinson’s successful numbers.

Allen Robinson has missed the last three games with a hamstring injury. He is doubtful for tomorrow’s game versus the Cardinals too. This has opened the door for Darnell Mooney to become the top receiver in the offense. As much as I love Mooney, I find him to be better suited as a complimentary, WR2 in an offense. Allen Robinson was supposed to be the top guy but even if he had played the full year, his numbers would be marginal.

Through nine games, Allen Robinson had only 339 yards and one touchdown. His catch rate dropped this year down to only 60% with 30 catches on 50 targets. If we look at Robinson’s advanced stats, quarterbacks saw a 90.5 QB rating while throwing to him in 2019 and a 92.3 QB rating while targeting him in 2020. This year, quarterbacks are only seeing a 62.0 QB rating while targeting Robinson.

This could have to do with the fact he has one of the worst separation rating among receivers in the NFL. Remember when you wanted him to make $20-plus million per year? He is either not trying as he plays on the franchise tag or we all overrated him based on the fact he saw 150-plus targets the last two years. This year he was only on pace for 95 targets and that includes an extra, 17th game. Yikes.

Needless to say, Robinson has let this team down this season.