Chicago Bears: 5 Players who have let the team down most in 2021

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Jimmy Graham has not done enough for the Chicago Bears this year

Most fans wanted Jimmy Graham to be released in the offseason, and rightfully so based on how he has performed this year. Graham signed a two-year deal with the Chicago Bears last year. $9 million of that was guaranteed. The Bears were on the hook for $10 million this season, despite having an out that would have only cost them only $3 million. He for sure should have been a cut candidate this year. After a restructure, he will be owed $4.6 million next year despite not being on the roster.

One reason many thought he was being kept was his connection to Russell Wilson. However, once we all knew that Wilson was no longer an option, Graham should have been shown the door. Last season, Graham finished as a top-10 tight end due to his performance in the red zone. He grabbed 50 of 76 targets for 456 yards and eight touchdowns. His yardage isn’t what it once was, but he was efficient.

The thing is, Graham has hardly played this year compared to last year. This is mostly due to the team making Cole Kmet the starting tight end. However, this team has not used two tight end sets as much as most believed they would.

Last season, Jimmy Graham saw less than a 40% snap share only once. This season, he has yet to even see a 40% snap share of the offense. The most targets he has seen this year have been three, while last year he averaged nearly five. Even Jesse James is seeing more action this year. It might not be completely Graham’s fault why he isn’t seeing snaps, but if he was performing that well — even in practice, he’d see more playing time. It is that simple.