3 Chicago Bears losing playing time down final stretch

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The end stretch of the season will be about learning for Chicago Bears fans. Even though the coaching staff may be gone, we will be heavily looking at the younger players on the roster. They will be those who return, and if they get some experience now, it could pay off in the long run.

The Chicago Bears have not thrown in the white towel, and Matt Nagy is going to try to make his record look as good as possible. Still, with all of the losses, the team has tried to mix things up.

The following are three changes that the team has made recently that could be sticking.

3. Eddie Goldman down, Khyiris Tonga up

This trend has slowly started during the bye week. Still, over the past three games, Khyiris Tonga has played 45 defensive snaps while Eddie Goldman has played 61. The difference is solely the Lions game, though.

Goldman played 22 snaps against the Lions while Tonga played five. Beyond that, Goldman 39 snaps to the 40 snaps of Tonga in the two other games.

That includes Sunday, which saw Tonga out snapping Goldman for the first time. this was not a blowout either and was tight into the fourth quarter. Most of the fourth quarter scoring was because of the offense as well. The Bears felt that they were better off with Tonga.

Goldman has been up and down, and the team has to question how invested he is after the past two years. Meanwhile, Tonga is a rookie that they invested in. Do not be surprised if this trend continues as the season winds down.