Did Chicago Bears handle Teven Jenkins injury correctly?

Chicago Bears - Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

Teven Jenkins suited up and played NFL football for the Chicago Bears for the first time on Sunday. It is not as noted of a moment as many rookies considering he did not start, and the game took play during week 13. Still, this is a player many fans were not sure would play at all during his rookie season after he started on the IR with a back injury.

Despite the bumps in the road, there can be a case made that the Chicago Bears handled this situation right. Ok, aside from the issue that they may have known about his back, and that may have been why he fell out of round one.

Still, Jenkins admitted that he has had back issues since entering college. He pushed through for years, but it finally became too much.

The last quip is the most important. He says he has not felt this good since he was 18 years old. Let us just assume that Jenkins would have pushed through it during OTAs and played. Maybe he fights off his back issue for a year or two, then the prime of his career his shot as it catches up to him.

Giving him the time during his rookie year to boost his energy back to his teenage days could extend his career much longer. Now, they can look at Jenkins and say that he is just the player they studied on tape, and not worry about the extra issues.

Beyond that is the question of playing time. Many thought that Jenkins should step right into the lineup when healthy. If he has first-round talent he should be better than what Chicago has right now.

On the flip side, Jenkins has been rehabbing for months on end and has not practiced much. Considering his first career start came during week 13, it would have been a lot to throw him right into the deep end when even the rookies are experienced.

Jenkins admitted that the slow ease into playing may have been for the better.

"Of course, I was nervous a little bit. So when I first got out there, I put on my suit and first field goal snap, you know, my heart was racing a little bit, of course. But it’s just one little hump I had to get over, and just had to get acclimated.”"

As noted, he was able to get out there for field goal. So, some milestones he checked off were suiting up and getting ready in the locker room, going through pre-game warm-ups, going through the entire game, and getting action, albeit minimal.

Most rookies cross those off during the preseason. It is unfortunate Jenkins had to wait so long, but it would have been a lot to introduce the newness of the NFL then ask him to play a full game.

Jenkins may slowly get eased in, and by the end of the season may even start. Still, it is hard to say the Bears played it wrong.

They were patient with his back and had the long view in mind. The same can be said with his on-field action. Overall, this is not the situation he wanted, but it is hard to say the Bears handled it poorly.