One Potential Head Coach Candidate for the Bears

Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch /

Is the Chicago Bears answer at head coach, simpler than they realize? Could Ryan Day be the long-awaited answer at head coach for the Bears? Aside from the easy connection between Justin Fields and coach Day, I think there are many more reasons why Ryan Day is the answer for the Bears.

Ryan Day, since taking over as the head coach of the Ohio State University, made his name as one of the most prominent members of the “New Hampshire Mafia”. The New Hampshire Mafia is a coaching group filled with names such as Chip Kelly, Dan Mullen, Gary Crowten, and most importantly, Ryan Day.

Ryan Day was coached by Chip Kelly. Day was Kelly’s quarterback at the time. Kelly created an absolute monster of a head coach in Day, who took the reigns from a prestige college head coach, Urban Meyer, and never looked back.

Who is Ryan Day and why should Chicago Bears fans get to know him?

Ryan Day as a member of the New Hampshire Mafia has not strayed away from his roots. Like the average New Hampshire Mafia member, Ryan Day doesn’t have one true coaching philosophy. Ryan Day, like his mentor and former coach, Chip Kelly, takes his offensive concepts from many different coaching philosophies, Day does not have his own offense. He takes crucial parts of many different coaching trees and incorporates them all into his scheme, which is why he has found so much success.

Unlike Matt Nagy, who has created his own variation of the spread coast offense, or Kliff Kingsbury who has created his own variation of the air raid offenses, stemming from the Mike Leech tree. This is why Ryan Day should have no problem adjusting his offense towards his playmakers’ strengths.

Why could Ryan Day be a fit for the Chicago Bears?

Considering the Chicago Bears have yet to find a true franchise head coach since Mike Ditka, and failing miserably with their best two coaches since then — Lovie Smith and Matt Nagy. The Bears could attack their coaching problem from a different angle and hire an already accomplished head coach, instead of settling for an unproven offensive coordinator, or an already failed head coach. Such as Ryan Day, who brings the best of two worlds. Day can both call plays successfully and has proven leadership skills, and a track record filled with success.

Day in my opinion separates himself from the pack because he checks all the boxes unlike Kellen Moore, who could struggle in his search for a coaching job because of his lack of experience and possible leadership questions. Brian Daboll is another candidate whose offense has been not performing to expectations in 2021.

The point of the story is that all possible coaching candidates, no matter how strong the resume, have had their fair share of struggles in 2021. Joe Brady, who was a high-profile coaching target over the offseason of 2020 was recently fired. This goes to show that they are all severely unproven, and could easily fail despite their resume.

This could be why Ryan Day, who has found success at the head coaching position, should be a slam dunk for the Chicago Bears. Not to mention his connection with the face of the franchise in Justin Fields.

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Day should be a top priority for the Chicago Bears in the offseason if they really want to change the direction of the franchise and return the Bears to their glory days.