Chicago Bears Stock Report: Head coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy

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There are some recent, unestablished rumors that Matt Nagy’s job might literally be on the line Sunday night. I think it is fair to think that Matt Nagy will not see his final season in 2022. The question is, will the Chicago Bears fire him before the end of the season and start their interviewing process over the final two weeks of the season and into the playoffs? If not, then will Nagy be let go at the end of the year — this would follow the team’s history of never firing a head coach before the end of a season.

My hope here is that the new rule will entice them, plus there is literally no point to keep him around. At 4-8 on the season, this team is done. There is no point in hoping they win out and make the playoffs — that would be a ridiculous notion to hold onto.

We have discussed Matt Nagy’s departure for what feels like an eternity. As we wait to see what the organization does, we must also look around the league and even outside the NFL for the next best option to coach this team and develop Justin Fields. Whoever takes over this team must either fix the offense or bring in an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Not every great head coach has to be an offensive guru.

We will keep track of the weekly changes in head coaching candidates for the Chicago Bears

Many coaching candidates have been discussed over the last few weeks. Some even date back to last season. These coaches may not all make the Chicago Bears’ final cut, but we should keep them all in consideration until we have more inside information on who the team is considering.

What we are going to do here is go through and keep track of the top coaching candidates. Each week will either raise or lower the potential Matt Nagy replacement’s stock. Please note, these coaches will not be in any particular order. That is something else we are looking to create. For now, it will be more along the lines of, this coach has shown great poise and creativity over the last five weeks, but recently his offense has struggled mightily. These details will determine if the stock is on the rise or falling.

Alright, here we go…