Chicago Bears Stock Report: Head coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Brain Daboll – Stock Down

Another name that I brought up at the same time as Kellen Moore was Brian Daboll. At the time of my previous article, Daboll was my top choice. However, since then, Daboll’s stock has taken a bit of a hit. Even his head coach called him out after their recent loss to the New England Patriots.

The thing is, these things happen to even the best of coaches. Brian Daboll is still one of my top choices for the Chicago Bears. This is the point of the article though, to keep track of what names have fallen off since the start of the season to now, or which names are coming on strong.

The Bills are 2-3 over their last five games. A strange loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars and a blowout loss to the Indianapolis Colts are the worst stain on this team’s resume over the last five games. However, losing to the Patriots in a game where Mac Jones only threw the ball three times is not much better.

All of this negative energy aside, Brian Daboll has helped this offense reach some hefty goals over the last few years. He has helped groom Josh Allen and puts him in spots to succeed — something the Chicago Bears coaching staff never seems to do no matter who is under center. As of now, the Bills are ninth in offensive yards and fifth in points. Last year, the team was second in both yards and points. It should be noted though, that the team struggled in 2019 and 2018.

Each of these coaches is not without flaws. Daboll is still within my top five and probably my top option to replace Matt Nagy. With his stock down and after looking into his production history a bit more, I have to admit that I am more open to the idea of other possibilities.