Chicago Bears Stock Report: Head coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Eric Bieniemy – Stock Neutral

Eric Bieniemy might be the most difficult coach on this list to track. Some people seem to either love him or hate him. Others have never even heard of him. Bieniemy is the offensive coordinator who took over for Matt Nagy after Nagy left Kansas City for Chicago in 2018.

When we look at his coaching record, the situation is what makes grading him more difficult. Just like Nagy, he would be leaving the Andy Reid coaching tree. That has not panned out for the Bears and I feel like many have a bad taste in their mouth. Considering one Chief to replace a former one who did not pan out is going to be a tough pill to swallow — even if unwarranted.

While Matt Nagy was the offensive coordinator in 2017, the Chiefs finished the season fifth in yards and sixth in points. Remember, this was Alex Smith leading the way, not Patrick Mahomes. Eric Bieniemy was blessed with Mahomes and the two helped the Chiefs lead the league in yards and points in 2018. Since then, the team has never been below sixth (2019) in yardage and won the Super Bowl in 2019.

Although not in my top five, I’d be interested to see how Eric Bieniemy does with this roster instead of Nagy. It would make the perfect experiment to see how much Andy Reid influences the outcomes. Clearly, Reid was a major factor in the Chiefs’ success in 2017. The Chiefs have had their struggles this season, but are also riding a five-game winning streak as they lead the division by one game heading into Week 14. No one should be too upset if Bieniemy takes over in Chicago.