Chicago Bears Stock Report: Head coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Josh McDaniels – Stock Up

A name that many have been floating out there for the Chicago Bears is New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. Josh McDaniels is interesting. I am struggling to wrap my mind around him here in Chicago while also very curious to see if he has learned from his blunders in Denver. Maybe even worse, can any team trust him after he backed out of his agreement with the Indianapolis Colts back in 2018? I think the Colts did just fine with Frank Reich instead though.

McDaniels’ coaching record speaks for itself as an offensive coordinator — at least in New England. That makes you wonder just how much of an impact McDaniels has on this Bill Belichick-led team? Honestly, I was always against the idea of McDaniels being the Chicago Bears’ next head coach. However, after watching the team beat the Bills last week by only throwing the ball three times — that is something. I have mad respect for the young offensive coordinator’s decision though based on the weather. ‘

Watching an offensive-minded coach change a game plan to fit the weather is inspiring even though it shouldn’t be. Once the Patriots saw that Buffalo couldn’t stop them from running the ball, Belichick and McDaniels kept going back to it and didn’t need to throw the ball. This is important with a rookie quarterback like Mac Jones under center. The coaches took the game out of the young quarterback’s hands because it was safer due to the weather.

If Matt Nagy was coaching the Patriots, I have no doubt in my mind that Jones would have thrown the ball 45 times. Like Eric Bieniemy, Josh McDaniels is not in my top five, but he’s a name I’d find interesting should the Bears decide to go that route.