Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 14

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Chicago Bears Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 1: Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson, dude…

This was an incredibly piss-poor performance by the alleged WR1 for the Chicago Bears in Allen Robinson. I get it that he’s probably not a very happy camper right now, but you’re playing for your next contract, either with the Chicago Bears or not. The team that you’re hopeful is going to pay you lots of money money money will see you absolutely dogging it against a division rival.

You think that’s what gets receivers paid? EH! Wrong!

Making plays with Jims and Joes around you is far more enticing to get you a nice little bag o’ money than going through the motions of Sunday Night Football because you’re cranky.

And for those that haven’t seen the online riots that came after the 45-30 loss on Sunday Night, here’s why people are so upset:

Two prime examples on Sunday Night Football is enough to get most people worked up, but it’s absolutely enough to get Chicago Bears fans worked up, as they’ve been the ones praising Allen Robinson for so long.

I’ll throw my hat into the fire and say that for most of ARob’s career, I’ve been a big-time ARob truther. Is he going to burn you deep? Probably not, but for the majority of his career, he’s made average quarterbacks look more capable than that. His secret sauce was his ability to make contested catches, and his ability to be a mediocre quarterback’s safety net.

Now, the Chicago Bears get a quarterback with very high promise, and Allen Robinson goes completely missing.

Is it because he’s had enough with Matt Nagy’s offense? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you give up during games, especially when he’s not guaranteed anything after this season in terms of employment or money.

I’d be pretty dense to say that Allen Robinson won’t get signed in the free agency, but I’d be as dense to not think his salary per year drops because of examples like this. Teams want players that will show up regardless of the circumstances. Allen Robinson has proven that he might not be that guy— especially as of late with the Chicago Bears.