Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 14

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Chicago Bears Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 3: Matt Nagy… again

This was such an easy choice when going through who could’ve made the cut. Matt Nagy, Matt Nagy… man, do you stink as a head coach.

Good guy off the field? Sure, that’s fine. But as a head coach for the Chicago Bears, there almost couldn’t be a worse candidate. Nagy’s resume is now going to be compared to Marc Trestman, and that’s TOUGH.

Now, even though this team scored 30 total points, it surely wasn’t due to scheming. Six of the 30 points came from a 97-yard punt return for a touchdown. And sure, the offense had somewhat of a fire under them in the first half, but the second half showed why Matt Nagy can’t be the head coach for the Chicago Bears for another minute.

His inability to change the scheme or adjust the scheme at halftime is nonexistent. Not once during these 14 weeks have I believed that Matt Nagy knows what he’s doing as a head coach. As a “guy’s guy”, sure, he’s great at that. But for what he was hired to do, he absolutely blows chunks.

If you were to poll the entire United States of America as to which NFL coach would punt on a 4th and inches down 11 points in the fourth quarter against their biggest rival, I’d confidently predict that 99.7% of those people would guess Matt Nagy. The remaining 0.3% most likely misspelled Matt Nagy on their ballot.

dark. Next. This decision will lead to Chicago Bears firing Matt Nagy

As a beaten, ragged, torn-up Chicago Bears fan, I beg that one day, this isn’t the reality of the Chicago Bears.